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Graphic of 4 buildings with solar panels on top.

Overarching Aim

To design, construct, and maintain buildings in ways that provide a safe and healthy indoor environment for users while simultaneously mitigating the building’s impact on the outdoor environment


Review and restructure the overall facilities and building policy with five-year and ten-year benchmarks for space, energy efficiency, new buildings, building updates, resource consolidation, and centralized maintenance
Build to LEED certified or Energy Star 75-plus scoring standards for campus construction within five years US Green Building Council Leed Platinum seal.


  1. 1.Revise and update current design, construction, and space planning standards
  2. 2.Conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) to better understand energy use and environmental impacts of all construction and renovation projects
  3. 3.Adopt centralized service sites in all buildings, including break rooms and appliances, printing, waste removal, and recycling
Interior photos of hill center interior during renovation.
Roof of UAB building with solar panels.