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Graphic of a person riding a bike.

Overarching Aim

To draft policies with five-year and ten-year benchmarks for sustainable transportation solutions that mitigate emissions, traffic congestion, and parking concerns


Reduce employee-alone commuting from 88% to 83% and student-alone commuting from 82% to 75%
Decrease vehicular traffic on campus
Reduce emissions from all transportation modes


Graphic of a person filling up a car with gas.
  1. 1.Develop an institutional telecommuting and expanded flexible workday policy to reduce commute time, improve recruitment and retention, and support work/life balance
  2. 2.Conduct a biennial commuter survey
  3. 3.Provide incentives for use of sustainable transportation such as public transportation, carpooling, electric vehicles, walking, and cycling to campus and on campus
  4. 4.Align with UAB Campus Master Plan goals for walkability and multi-modal transportation systems
  5. 5.Produce a master plan for bike facilities
  6. 6.Strengthen partnerships with local transit and area transportation organizations
Image of a UAB bus in the background with two bike riders and a pedestrian on the sidewalk.