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Graphic of a DNA strand.

Overarching Aim

To support interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative activities related to sustainability and encourage sustainable research practices


Foster academic interdisciplinary collaboration on issues of economic, social, and environmental sustainability
Support sustainable research practices through expansion of the Green Labs Program


  1. 1.Develop a departmental pilot program for recognition of interdisciplinary efforts in promotion and tenure
  2. 2.Cultivate a Green Labs culture across the institution through partnerships with Occupational Health & Safety and individual departments
  3. 3.Draft enterprise-wide freezer maintenance, redundancy, and replacement guidelines
  4. 4.Recognize sustainability research and scholarship within the UAB academe, and use internal and external communications platforms to highlight research for sustainability
Image of a receptacle for recycling pipettes.
Graphic of a beaker with liquid and the words UAB Green Labs below.