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Overarching Aim

To provide sustainability education and programs for a broad regional, national, and international community


Complete the proposed Urban Remote Microgrid and Sustainable Neighborhood demonstration site, featuring UAB’s Solar Decathlon competition house
Establish UAB as a trusted hub of sustainability information
Develop and share educational publications that address everyday sustainability measures for a broad audience, including individual, residential, corporate, and municipal


  1. 1.Develop formal and informal partnerships with area municipalities and other stakeholders to support sustainability and resilience initiatives
  2. 2.Establish online community-based sustainability courses
  3. 3.Build a more effective and user-friendly website for the UAB Sustainability program and raise the program’s social media presence to national prominence
  4. 4.Initiate tracking mechanisms for all new project partnerships to assess overall impact of the program
Aerial image of Vulcan with Birmingham skyline in the background.