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Overarching Aim

To promote a more inclusive and equitable environment where faculty, staff, and students can thrive, and reinforce our commitment to working with local and diverse suppliers


Provide diversity education that ensures cultural awareness for all staff and faculty to support recruitment and retention of a diverse and highly qualified workforce and student population
Support the enhancement of economic growth, employment, and investment in Birmingham through our purchasing activities


  1. 1.Implement educational courses for social sustainability using the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) modules: Cultural Awareness Building Blocks, SafeZone Training, Unconscious Bias, and Bystander Intervention
  2. 2.Include social sustainability messaging during recruitment and onboarding
  3. 3.Work to increase the number of individuals completing ODEI education modules
  4. 4.Establish effective data collection mechanisms for enterprise-wide diverse suppliers and second-tier spending
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