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Overarching Aim

To support the links between healthy and sustainable lifestyles and their impacts on work life


Develop and launch a wellness champion network to promote and engage employees in wellness programs
Improve employee engagement and satisfaction
Address significant healthcare concerns for the UAB employee population, including diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension, with a strong focus on weight management


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  1. 1.Redefine the current wellness and incentive strategy, and identify member populations with higher disease prevalence and opportunities for improved medication adherence
  2. 2.Develop targeted interventions for select member populations and document a multi-year strategy to include measurement of outcomes
  3. 3.Promote campus walking trails, measure their use, and evaluate areas for improvement
  4. 4.Create a wellness champion strategy and communication network, and engage champions for specific wellness programming
  5. 5.Conduct biennial employee engagement surveys and develop response-driven initiatives
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