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In the event of an imminent or unfolding emergency, dial 911 immediately

UAB and UAB Medicine are committed to maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy campus environment for all students, employees, and visitors. To that end, it is essential to identify warning signs of inappropriate behavior and intervene before a person can engage in violent activity toward themselves or others.

The UAB and UAB Medicine Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Team (BTAM) uses a structured process to proactively evaluate and manage behavioral threats to the safety and well-being of members of the campus community. Team members represent a wide range of UAB and UAB Medicine departments.

What are concerning behaviors?

There are many behaviors and circumstances that may indicate an increasing risk for violence or a significant disruption to others, or that a person is in need of assistance. Examples include:

  • A radical change in a person's behavior, academic or workplace performance, appearance, or conduct;
  • Aggressive or irrational behavior through words and/or actions;
  • Severe depression, unhappiness, or irregular emotional behavior;
  • Inability to control anger, confrontational or disturbing words or actions;
  • Unusual overreaction to normal circumstances; and
  • Stalking in any form.

See more examples of concerning behaviors here.

How to report concerning behavior

Any imminent threat to safety should be considered an emergency and immediately reported by dialing 911 or calling the UAB Police Department at (205) 934-3535. Emergency situations include possession of a weapon on UAB property, physical assault or attempted assault, or explicit threats of harm.

Situations and behaviors of concern that are clearly not emergencies can be reported through this online form. Threat concerns for non-emergency situations may also be reported using the following contacts:

For matters involving students, contact the Division of Student Affairs at (205) 975-9509.

For matters involving employees, contact your Human Resources representative, or

  • UAB HR: (205) 934-4458
  • HSF/UAB Health System HR: (205) 731-9626
  • Callahan Eye Hospital HR: (205) 325-8609

For matters involving visitors, contact UAB Police at (205) 934-3535.