For the first time since 2008, employee parking rates in some locations will increase. Additional parking options have been added to the parking rate structure. Also, UAB Employees will no longer be able to park in student lots. (Citations will be issued for parking permit violations.) These changes are in effect as of January 1, 2019.

All employees who have a regular parking assignment in an employee lot or deck will now be permitted to park in either Express Lot 2 or Express Lot 4 during the day without being ticketed. This is a good option for employees who may work at night but take classes during the day. These lots are serviced by the Blue and Silver Blazer Express routes.

The increase in prices was determined after a comprehensive parking and transportation study, which identified the needs of students, faculty and staff. The study also served as a basis for developing a five-year plan to manage existing and future demand, create a more fiscally sustainable transportation system and improve customer service for the entire UAB enterprise that is compatible with the campus master plan. Rate increases are one step in executing the five-year plan.

2019 Employee Rates


Monthly Fee

Full-time, deck


Full-time, lot


Full-time, perimeter


Part-time, deck


Part-time, lot


Part-time, perimeter


Adjunct, deck

$130 (per semester)

Adjunct, lot

$116.68 (per semester)

Adjunct, perimeter

$56.00 (per semester)


Parking for employees is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and facilities may have restrictions based on buildings served or job classification. A waiting list is kept on any facility that has demand greater than capacity.


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Permit Fee Comparison

(As of June 15, 2018)
UAB = 2018-2019 rate; 2017-2018 rate

While parking rates have increased, UAB Transportation has still maintained parking rate options that are competitive with and lower than peer institution prices.

Employee Permit Fees


Low Rate

High Rate

University of Tennessee-Knoxville*


 $ 123.00

University of Cincinnati



North Carolina State University at Raleigh



Virginia Commonwealth University



University of Pittsburgh



Vanderbilt University*



University of South Florida



Old Dominion University



Rutgers University*

 $    -  


Louisiana State University



University of Alabama at Birmingham ($11 - $50 in 2017-2018)



University of Alabama



University of Louisville



University of North Carolina at Charlotte



Institution list prices are based on published rates for 2017-2018. The rates above have been standardized to monthly rates to compare to UAB’s employee pricing policy. High rates include “reserved” parking.

*Salary-based scale to determine parking rate fees. 


Alternative commutes

UAB encourages the use of alternate modes of transportation such as carpooling, walking, biking, and riding the Blazer Express bus system to reduce congestion and ease the demand for parking.

UAB Transportation’s new Transportation Demand Management Program is focusing on strategies that help UAB save money, sustain our environment and provide access to alternative transportation. Brian Atkinson, program manager, said the future of transportation at UAB will target safety and security improvements at existing parking facilities, better services from Blazer Express and a refocused effort to help Birmingham develop a world-class, comprehensive transportation network.

UAB employees have different parking needs, dependent on their job function and location on campus. Find additional information regarding these different needs on our site: