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The Judicial Branch is responsible for interpreting the USGA Constitution and Code of Laws to ensure that the other branches follow the rules set out in these documents. The main focus of the Judicial Branch is accountability. We want to make sure that the elected and appointed officials of USGA fulfill the promises they make to you, the student body. We oversee any complaints lodged against the USGA to ensure that your voice is listened to by your representatives. Members of the Judicial Branch also sit on student conduct and suspension committees.

Every year, the Judicial Branch plans a Voter Registration Drive to help UAB students be civically engaged. This is in conjunction with a Know Your Rights campaign to educate students on their rights as students, voters, and citizens. In the Spring, the branch also organizes UAB’s participation in Higher Education Day where students travel to the state capital to advocate for budget distribution to higher education institutions across the state of Alabama. In preparation for Higher Ed Day, state representatives and local politicians are invited to speak to the campus.

If you have questions or complaints, please email the court at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.