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In an effort to increase USGA transparency with the UAB student body, here is Part One of the work we have done this summer. We will be posting subsequent parts regarding other relevant issues in the upcoming week. All student concerns, from campus re-entry to institutional injustices, have been continuously expressed to the appropriate UAB administration and departments at our weekly summer meetings. As students ourselves, we share all of the same concerns as you. We apologize for not being proactive in sharing all of the responses and information we have received thus far, however we want to accurately report information and ensure that we are the appropriate source to articulate such sensitive topics. As an organization, we appreciate the accountability of action that UAB students expect from us. We hope that the following posts will communicate all the work that we have done before the school year has begun and that we are here to serve UAB students. 

USGA has been in collaboration with UAB IT since Spring 2020 to create an interface that collects student issues or feedback anonymously, which we will use to better outreach and address concerns on campus. The platform will generate a monthly report that can be easily shared through social media and offer streamlined student assistance. While this is still in the works, we would like to broadcast that an anonymous ‘Contact: Suggest Box’ tab already exists on this website. In order to increase its student accessibility we have linked it in our bio. At the end of each week, USGA will compile common questions and share our responses on the '@uabusga' Instagram. We hope that this will be a useful resource for students as we begin our transition back to campus!