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UAB Science Club
The Gross, Parant and Yoder Labs meet every other Friday afternoon for a "chalk talk" discussion on current projects in MCLM 601 at 4pm presented by the following:

3/30 Holly Thomas holly.thomas@ccc.uab.edu
4/13 Wes Lewis wrlewis@uab.edu
4/27 Jay Pieczynski     jaypie@uab.edu
5/11 Brad Yoder byoder@uab.edu
5/25 Alecia Gross agross@uab.edu
6/8 Nick Berbari berbari@uab.edu
6/22 TJ Hollingsworth  tjhollingsworth@uab.edu
7/6 Dawn Landis landisd2@uab.edu
7/20 Amber O'Connor  aoconnor@uab.edu
8/3 Joshua Sammons jsammons@uab.edu
8/17 Amber Guidry alguidry@uab.edu
8/31 Erik Malarkey  malarkey@uab.edu
9/14 Scott Henke  s.j.henke@gmail.com
9/28 Ray Pasek    rcpasek@uab.edu
10/12 Xiaogang Cheng xcheng@uab.edu
10/26 John Parant John.Parant@ccc.uab.edu
11/9 Nick Reish njreish@uab.edu
11/23 Cheng Song song1c@uab.edu
12/7 Stefanie Percival percival@uab.edu

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