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Research Programming and Computational Analysis
Molecular and Cellular Analysis
Ocular Phenotyping
Biostatistics Support

The Vision Science Research Center (VSRC) was established in 1979 to draw together vision scientists from the entire university campus. Fostering interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration in research activities is an integral part of the VSRC philosophy. The center facilitates scientific collaboration by providing research support cores for its members so that their research may proceed more efficiently.

These support cores include a sophisticated molecular and cellular analysis suite, a state-of-the-art electronics laboratory and a fully-equipped machine shop with the instrumentation core, an extensive research programming and computational analysis core, and an administrative core. These support cores provide centralized locations where center members can receive administrative support, obtain, design and repair of electronic equipment, can prepare, analyze and photograph their histological material, analyze their data and prepare publication-quality figures. In addition, the VSRC provides community outreach for all aspects of vision through its shared ocular tissue and education outreach modules.

National Eye Institute (NEI) requires that all NEI funded core facilities establish core use the priorities for investigators:
1.  Active NEI-R01 funded (not in NCE)
2.  New Investigators according to NIH guidelines
3.  Collaborators (Co-I) on NEI R01 funded grants
4.  Recently NEI-R01 funded and actively seeking new/competing NEI R01 support
5.  Other active vision research at UAB that may lead to new NEI R01 support

To VSRC Members:    Please remember to cite VSRC core grant P30 EY003039 in your manuscripts, abstracts, and presentations that utilized core services