Mission Statement: The faculty and staff of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and UAB Medicine (Callahan Eye Hospital, University Hospital, UAB Highlands, Health Services Foundation, Health System, and VIVA Health) join together in a self-governed, consolidated charitable effort to:

  1. Provide financial support to charitable agencies that provide health care and social services to the local community
  2. Provide relief to eligible UAB faculty and staff who are facing financial emergencies.
The Benevolent Fund is governed by 30 to 60 UAB employees representing all areas of the University including Academic Programs, University Hospital, Administrative areas, Health Services Foundation, UAB Highlands, VIVA, Callahan Eye Foundation, and the Health System. Voting members are selected to serve two year terms, renewable for no more than three terms. The council is divided into standing committees: the Agency Review Committee, the By-Laws Committee, the Campaign Committee, the Employee Emergency Assistance Committee, and the Awareness Committee. Ad hoc committees are formed as necessary to carry out the activities of the council.

2014 - 2015 Executive Committee

Steve Murray Business Services President
Libba Vaughan Service Learning Campaign Chair
Carin Mayo Department of Government, CAS Campaign Co-Chair
Peggy Kain Mervyn Sterne Library EEAP Co-Chair
Chris Cumbest Highlands Radiology EEAP Co-Chair
Laura Gallitz Preventative Medicine Awareness Co-Chair
Jenny Hayes Alys Stephens Center/Art Play Awareness Co-Chair
Cara Wilhelm Lister Hill Library Agency Review Co-Chair
Hadyn Swecker School of Medicine Agency Review Co-Chair
Debbie Blanco Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital Recording Secretary
Imelda Vetter UAB Libraries Faculty Senate Representative
Karen Icolano Budget Administrations Treasurer

2014-2015 Council*

Amy Badham Sparkman Center for Global Health, SPH
Mandeep Bhutani School of Medicine, Dean's Office
Kris Boyle School of Business
Amy Brady Clinical and Diagnostic Science, SHP
Darrell Burke Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital
Kristin Chapleau Clinical and Diagnostic Science, SHP
Valerie Dubose Disability Support Services
Rachel Fornest Office of VP Development, Alumni & External Relations      
Betty Franks TKC/HSF Medicine
Anna Hamel Callahan Eye Hospital
Shannon Houser Health Services Administration, SHP
Myeisha Hutchinson      Comprehensive Cancer Center
Lynne Jarreau School of Dentistry, Dean's Office
Judy Kesterson Genetics, SOM
Laura Krubinski Psychiatric Emergency Services
Caroline Lockridge Department of Neurology, SOM
Cheryl Malone Food & Nutrition & Guest Services
Cheryl Moser CAS Advising
Daphne Powell UAB Advancement Services
Erika Hille Rinker Foreign Languages and Literatures, CAS
Martha Tankersley Transplant Administration
Trish Thurman HSF-Administration
Libba Vaughan Service Learning
Penny Whiteside Office of VP Research & Economic Development


Lisa Higginbotham, Program Manager
Meg Feltham, Program Coordinator I, Employee Emergency Assistance Program

*Council members are nominated and elected by the faculty and staff of UAB to serve a two-year term. We will be accepting nominations for the 2016-2017 year through May 1, 2016. For a nomination form, please choose "Council Member Nomination Form" from the drop down menu under the About Us link at the top of our website.

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