Incoming Students

It is very important that Construction Engineering Management students make sure their computer is correctly set-up to function properly with Canvas, UAB course delivery platform.  Taking the time to review computer requirements and making the necessary adjustments will ensure students have a successful computer experience while in the program.

Making Sure Your Computer Is Properly Setup

We recommend a recent computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Firefox or Chrome as web browser to ensure the best experience with Canvas and associated tools. More information on Canvas will be provided at Boot Camp.

Silver Light
CEM recorded lectures require the Microsoft's Silverlight browser plugin.

For additional information on computer requirements while in the Construction Engineering Management program, students should also visit the Tools You Need section on the CEM Website:

UAB wifi-nac for Boot Camp
During Boot Camp, students will need to connect to the UAB wireless network using UAB wifi-nac.  The set-up instructions for use at Boot Camp are sent to students prior to Boot Camp.
In these instructions, students should review requirements and make sure their computer is properly set-up to connect to UAB wifi-nac.

For more information on UAB wireless network:

Canvas Login
All CEM courses are delivered in Canvas. Click on Canvas Login to access all CEM courses.  You may want to Bookmark the page for easy access later on.