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How to Apply to IEM

Applying to the UAB Information Engineering and Management program involves three steps: Prepare, Apply, & Decision.

Step 1: Prepare

Here is what you will need to prepare your application:

1.     Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university (degree does not have to be in engineering).

2.     Original transcripts from every institution attended (even if you did not obtain a degree from there). Here’s how to send them in

3.     Your resume highlighting 3+ years of relevant industry work experience.

4.     Recommendations (at least three).  List names/email addresses and the Graduate School will send an electronic request to each of them.

5.     An essay answering each of these questions.

6.     A video introducing yourself to IEM. Directions here. 

7.     A photograph of yourself.

Step 2: Apply

Complete the application on the UAB Graduate School Application website.  Select Master of Engineering (MEng) from the Program picklist, then select IEM as the concentration.

Step 3: Decision

Here is what to expect once you apply:

·      Applications are due by August 1 for the Fall and December 1 for the Spring.

·      Late applicants may apply as “non-degree seeking” and pay an additional application fee. 

·      Decisions are typically made within 2-3 weeks after the application is complete.


·      No GMAT/GRE required for admission to IEM.

·      An interview with the IEM admissions committee may also be required.

·      Acceptance is determined by the IEM Admissions Committee 

If you miss the application deadline, we encourage you to apply as a UAB non-degree seeking graduate student.  This status allows you to register for classes without having to provide a full application packet and the courses taken while in this status count toward your degree requirements.  You will need to apply as a degree seeking student (additional application fees apply) for the following semester to be eligible to take additional coursework.  Check the Graduate School website above for actual deadlines, but it is typically 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.  NOTE: Financial Aid does not cover students in a non-degree seeking status.