Index of UAB Graduate Faculty
Last modified: 6/5/2018



Graduate faculty status is required for faculty members who teach graduate courses, serve on graduate program admission committees, curriculum committees, and / or graduate students’ thesis or dissertation committees. See Definitions of Graduate Faculty Categories

To search the list of faculty members who currently hold full graduate faculty status appointments, choose the first letter of the faculty member's last name from the above list. Only those with full (regular) graduate faculty appointments appear on this list. Information on persons with ad hoc, adjunct, or emeritus status is available through the Graduate School (contact Lori Naramore at 

Requesting Graduate Faculty Appointments:

To request an appointment to the graduate faculty (Level I, Level II, or Ad Hoc, the following three items, submitted as a single PDF email attachment, are required:

    1. A letter of nomination from the chair of the department in which the faculty member holds his / her primary appointment.  For ad hoc appointments of faculty to serve on students’ thesis or dissertation committees the nomination letter can be from the student’s program director or the student’s primary advisor.

      The nomination letter should be addressed to Dr. McMahon (Graduate School Dean) and should focus on what the nominee’s role in the graduate program will be once graduate faculty status is awarded (e.g. teaching. serving on admission or curriculum committees, and / or on student thesis or dissertation committees). The letter need not reiterate information that is provided in the nominee’s CV.

    2. A completed Recommendation for Appointment to Graduate Faculty form:      
    3. The applicant’s current CV


In the order indicated above, please insert the three requested items (with all applicable signatures) into a single PDF document.  Attach the PDF to an email and send to Please place each request in a separate PDF. (Multiple requests can be attached to a single email.) If you include the words “Grad Fac Request” in the subject line of your email, it will help us expedite the processing of your requests.

The contact person listed on the Recommendation form will be notified via email of approval (or contacted with questions, if any) within approximately two weeks of submission. If you have not received a response within 10 business days, please contact Lori Naramore at or 996-4061.