In academic year 2008-09 UAB enrolled 16,874 students, whose off-campus spending for goods, services and rental payments also contributed to the local economy. Notably, out-of-state students infused more than $29.1 million in fresh dollars in tuition and had a statewide impact of $182.7 million.

As UAB works to expand its student population to 25,000 by FY 2019-20, the impact of students is expected to increase to $367.6 million.


UAB’s contribution to the state of Alabama extends beyond its annual economic impact. For decades UAB has partnered with the City of Birmingham to improve education, health care and quality of life, and service-learning is deeply engrained across UAB’s curricula.

Tripp Umbach estimates that faculty, staff and students who received their education and training at UAB contribute more than $208.8 million annually in charitable donations, volunteer services and provision of free care.