UAB employed 24,410 faculty and staff during FY 2008-09, which directly and indirectly* supported 61,025 jobs in the state of Alabama — or one in 33 jobs.

UAB’s projected growth will have an even greater impact. In the mid-range scenario, a total 72,450 jobs in Alabama will be created and sustained by UAB by 2020  — an increase of more than 11,000 jobs.

Current and Projected Employment Impact of UAB (jobs)
Creating Jobs Bar Graph-Current and Projected Employment Impact of UAB (jobs)
  Direct Employment Impact Indirect Employment Impact Total Employment Impact (Direct + Indirect)
UAB Current (FY 09) 24,410 36,615 61,025
UAB Projected (FY 20)
Conservative Scenario
27,837 41,756 69,593
UAB Projected (FY 20)
Mid-Range Scenario
28,980 43,470 72,450
UAB Projected (FY 20)
Aggressive Scenario
30,123 45,185 75,308

* Indirect jobs are created by vendors, contractors and laborers and jobs created in the community in support of UAB’s workforce and its visitors. Additionally, the population of the UAB community — and the workers who support that community — also create a need for additional employees in governmental and service facilities.