• Afaq, Farrukh, Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Farrukh Afaq

    Assistant Professor; Associate Scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of Interest
    photocarcinogenesis, photoaging and other hyperproliferative and inflammatory skin diseases

  • Athar, Mohammad, Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Mohammad Athar

    Professor; Vice-Chair for Basic Research; Senior Scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center; Co-Director, UAB Skin Disease Research Center

    Areas of Interest
    skin biochemistry, skin cancer

  • Cantrell, Wendy, CRNP, DNP

    Photo of Wendy Cantrell

    Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest
    General Dermatology, Clinical Trials

  • Elewski, Boni E., M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Boni Elewski

    James E. Elder, MD, Endowed Professor for Graduate Education; Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs; Residency Program Director

    Areas of Interest
    general dermatology, clinical trials

  • Elmets, Craig A., M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Craig Elmets

    Professor; Chairman, Department of Dermatology

    Areas of Interests
    psoriasis, contact dermatitis, photosensitivity diseases, phototherapy

  • Huang, Conway C., M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Conway Huang

    Associate Professor; Director, Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous Laser Surgery

    Areas of Interest
    skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery, cutaneous laser surgery

  • Katiyar, Santosh K., Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Santosh Katiyar

    Professor; Senior Scientist, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Nutrition Obesity Research Center & Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging; Research Career Scientist, Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

    Areas of Interest
    skin cancer, chemoprevention

  • Kissel, Rebecca, M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Rebecca Kissel

    Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest
    general dermatology

  • Mercado, Patricia J., M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Patricia Mercado

    Professor; Chief, Dermatology Division, Birmingham Veterans Administration Medical Center

    Areas of Interest
    Skin cancer, psoriasis and laser hair removal

  • Pavlidakey, Peter G., M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Peter Pavlidakey

    Assistant Professor; Director of Dermatopathlogy Service

    Areas of Interest

  • Sami, Naveed, M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Naveed Sami

    Associate Professor; Director, Autoimmune Bullous Disease Clinic

    Areas of Interest
    general dermatology, autoimmune skin diseases, sarcoidosis, vasculitis

  • Slominski, Andrzej T., M.D., Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Andrzej Slominski

    Professor; Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship Program

    Areas of Interest

  • Theos, Amy Urbatsch, M.D.

    Photo of Dr. Amy Theos

    Associate Professor; Director, Pediatric Dermatology

    Areas of Interest
    pediatric dermatology, port wine stains and hemangiomas, genetic skin disorders

  • Timares, Laura, Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Laura Timares

    Associate Professor; Associate Scientist, Comprehensive Cancer Center; Director, UAB Skin Diseases Research Center, Skin Cell Culture Core

    Areas of Interest
    cutaneous immunology

  • Xu, Hui, Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Hui Xu


    Areas of Interest
    inflammatory skin diseases

  • Yusuf, Nabiha, Ph.D.

    Photo of Dr. Nabiha Yusuf

    Assistant Professor; Associate Scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center; Scientist, Birmingham Veterans Administration Medical Center

    Areas of Interest
    skin cancer