Educational and Enrichment programs of the UAB-UCSD O'Brien Center are intended to:

  • Catalyze collaborative interactions among Center members
  • Enhance the conceptual, technical and methodological expertise of UAB-UCSD investigators
  • Foster the development of new, innovative projects that emphasize potential translation to clinical studies
  • Facilitate the training of the next generation of investigators interested in kidney-related research

Dr. Agarwal co-ordinates the overall educational program and Dr. Mehta oversees these program implementations at UCSD.

The following are a list of various events conducted by the center
  • The Annual AKI Symposium
  • The Rodent Kidney Physiology/Injury Workshop
  • The Core Competencies in Kidney Research Seminar Series
  • Annual National Metabolomics Workshop
  • The Annual Comprehensive Research Symposium
  • The O'Brien Center Lecture Series
  • Nano-Sabbatical and Micro-Sabbatical programs
  • Summer Students Training Program for Medical Students