Another edition of the hands-on immersive Informatics course taught by Seung Park, MD is under way. This is the third edition within a period of one year, with the largest and widest participation so far, spanning from medical students to faculty, and including a strong participation of the MSTP MD-PhD program as both trainers and trainees. This venue is cross registered in GBS and in the Medical curriculum, and follows a participative model that is known to empower attendees not only with new skills, but also with a lasting multidisciplinary network of collaborators.  It has recently gained national recognition (at Pathology Informatics 2014) as a flipped-classroom, total-immersion data sciences training experience that is without equal in the biomedical sciences.  Over 45 individuals have taken or are taking this class to date, with stronger than expected participation from women and minorities.  There have been 14 major clinical and/or research informatics projects designed and implemented by teams from prior classes, all of which have been presented at national research conferences and two of which have been selected for hour-long platform presentations.  For more information see or contact the course director at For a list of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology training opportunities see

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