Research and Grants Administration

Erin White, Director
Lisa Smoot, Financial Officer II
Kendrick Chatman, Financial Officer II
Tessi Jones, Financial Assistant
Samantha Gromko, Financial Officer 1


Human Resources

Jennifer Cooner, Personnel Generalist
Florenda Bryant, Personnel Generalist
Cheryl Moore, HR Administrator


Andrea Jarrett-Wilson, Financial Officer III
Allison Redden, Financial Analyst


Christina Crowe, MA, Director
Hannah Weems, Web Content Coordinator

Business Affairs

Kuruvilla George, MBA, Executive Administrator
Janiece Finkley, MPA, Administrative Director


Anatomic Pathology

Cassandra Cummings, Administrative Supervisor
Susan Dennan, Administrative Associate
Paula Leonard, Office Associate II
Constance Rutledge, Program Coordinator II
Shonna Shultz, Administrative Associate
Tonya Webb, Office Associate II
Sarah Bennett, Office Associate II


Amber Jackson, Administrative Supervisor
Sherry Tidwell, Office Services Specialist III

Genomic Diagnostics and Bioinformatics

Amber Jackson, Administrative Supervisor
NeKeisha Howard, Administrative Associate
Bade Iriabho, System Administrator III
Adrian Flannery, Informatics Analyst II
Djamel Harbi, Bioinformatician II

Laboratory Medicine

Melissa LaRue, Administrative Supervisor
Leslie Pennington, Administrative Associate
Janice Hollman, Office Associate II
Nicole Kocher, Office Associate II

Molecular & Cellular Pathology

Doug Grabarczyk, Administrative Supervisor
Suzanne Byan-Parker, Administrative Associate
Susan Cleary, Administrative Associate
Yvonne Gulley, Program Coordinator II
Maya Holloway, Office Associate II
Valerie Johnson, Office Associate II
Dana Cristofani, Office Associate II


Rhonda Carr, Administrative Associate

Office of the Chair

Amber Jackson, Administrative Supervisor
Lara Wheeler, Administrative Associate
Lillian Clark, Administrative Associate

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our department by calling: 205.975.0045.