Please note changes in printing prices starting Fall 2015

How do I get my poster printed at the poster center?

Print a postering at the center is very easy, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Check Poster Size. We can only print to 36" OR 42", so make sure that one of your poster's dimensions is a 36 OR a 42. Visit Poster Sizing for instructions.
  2. Review Poster. All posters submitted to the center are considered final; thoroughly review your poster before submitting it. Visit Advice & Tips for a final review check list.
  3. Submit Poster and Request Form. All posters submitted to the poster center MUST be submitted with a completed poster request form. Posters can be emailed, UAB Dropboxed, or submitted through our websubmit. We accept posters as PDF and/or PPT files only.

Posters should be submitted at least 3 days in advance to provide a time cushion for all likelihoods.

We do not accept poster files in person using flashdrives or other storage devices.

What is a poster request form?

The poster request form communicates to the poster center all the details necessary to print your poster correctly. Download the fillable PDF of the most current poster request form below.

pdfPoster Request Form

How do use the web submit?

To submit your request form and poster file through our web submit, click Submit Poster and follow the directions.

Can I email my poster and request form?

Yes, the request form can be filled out on the computer and emailed along with the PDF or PPT poster file to

How do I use the UAB Dropbox?

If your poster file is too large to email, you can send the PDF or PPT poster file, and request form to using the UAB Dropbox. The Dropbox is free and can be used by anyone. When files are sent and received, both parties receive an email notice.

My poster file is too big to email. What do I do?

If the poster file is too large to email, then you can use the UAB Dropbox and set the recipient to

How long will it take to print my poster?

Our standard turnaround is 2 business days. However, we also accommodate rush orders.

  • Same Day Printing is a $70 flat rate fee.
  • 1 Business Day Printing adds $15 to poster base price.

For a more detailed pricing guide, visit Pricing & Payment.