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Use one of the UAB PowerPoint templates below to save time when creating a poster. Each UAB poster template can be adjusted (logos changed, section titles changed, content rearranged, etc.) to suit your needs after downloading.

More UAB templates can be found at UAB Research Posters.

The templates below are already sized to meet some of the standard sizes, but can be resized for your needs.
Visit Poster Sizing for sizing instructions.

UAB General Templates

*The Biomedical Poster Printing Center is not responsible for program logos or school logos. 

UAB Program Specific Templates

Do you have a program template that you would like to add to this page? Email the Poster Printing Service Center at uabposters@uab.edu.

UAB General Templates (Portrait)

UAB General Templates (Square) 

UAB Logos 

For the most updated UAB Logos please use the UAB Toolkit.