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NOTE: We are pleased to share that we are able to continue using Box at UAB and have entered into a 3-year contract with them. 

UAB will continue offering Box as a cloud storage service, with new features — including stronger security (more to come on that later). UAB IT also plans to work with campus to develop a storage management strategy with campus to best take advantage of the differing storage options we have (e.g., Box, Microsoft Teams, UAB’s Research Archival Storage, etc.)

Box is a cloud storage service provided for free to faculty, and staff on the UAB campus via Box.com. Box is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and it is encrypted both in transit and storage.

Box is also useful for sharing and collaboration – folders and documents may be shared among users for distributed editing and viewing. Box has robust permissions settings, allowing collaborators to be viewers or editors, and it keeps revisions of documents so that your work is never lost.


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