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The Poster Printing Service Center now offers fabric posters along with the standard paper posters.

Fabric Poster Material

Our fabric posters are a satin/poly blend, not a cottony, t-shirt material. The fabric poster material is water resistant, but not water-proof. The fabric poster material is durable and is not prone to tearing or fraying.

Fabric Poster Size

The poster center carries 36" and 44" fabric poster material. This means we can print fabric posters 36" and 44" dimensions (Examples: 24" x 36", 36" x 48", 44" x 56", 44"x 84", and more).

If your poster size does not fit one of the standard sized above, please contact the office via email or phone for assitance. 

Fabric Poster Pricing

Fabric posters have two prices based on the size of the poster.
       36" Fabric: $85
       44" Fabric: $95 
However, no rush fees apply to fabric poster orders.

For more information about poster prices, visit our Pricing & Payment page.


Why get a fabric poster?

As noted above, fabric posters are more durable and can be used multiple times. Additionally, fabric posters can be folded for easy transport. However, like all fabric material, a folded poster will have some creases. There are a few ways to get rid of creases though.

How to Travel with a Fabric Poster

Fabric posters can be folded and placed in luggage for travel; this eliminates the need for poster tubes and extra security checks at the airport. To protect the poster from accidental spills and other damage, you can put the folded fabric poster in a box, bag, or other type of container before packing it into luggage.

To reduce the amount of creases, it is recommended to place clothes and personal affects in between the folds of the fabric poster -- like you would fold a suit.

How to Get Creases Out of a Fabric Poster

There are a number of ways to get the creases out of a fabric poster.

  • Ironing

    Almost all hotels are equipped with an iron and an ironing board. First test the ironing on a corner of the poster and then iron the rest of the poster when you are more confident.

    1. Place the poster face-side (the face side is the side with the ink) down on the ironing board.
    2. Set the iron to the lowest and/or gentlest setting with minimal or light steam.
    3. Iron the poster until the wrinkles aren’t noticeable or are no longer there.
    When ironing, try placing a towel or other thick fabric on the poster as a barrier between the iron and the poster.
  • Hanging

    This method can be used in conjunction with the ironing method or with the pinning method.

    1. When you arrive at your destination, unpack your fabric poster.
    2. Either lay out the poster on a flat surface, or hang the poster on a wall using pins or clips. Some people like to hang or lay the poster in the bathroom, so the steam from their shower can gently relax the creases.
  • Pinning

    Try this easy method by itself or in conjunction with the hanging method.

    1. When you arrive at the presentation space, pin or fix your fabric poster to the presentation board or other display space so that it is pulled taught.
    Most light to medium wrinkles will not be visible or distracting to viewers.

Feel free to stop by the Biomedical Poster Printing Service Center, located in the 912 Building: Suite 169A, to check out one of our sample fabric posters in person.