North Pavilion

1- GE AW (2D, 3D, CT GSI, Dual Energy/GSI)

1- TeraRecon Workstation [CT (2D, 3D, Calcium Score, Fly-through, Segmentation Analysis, Time Volume Analysis) and MR (2D, 3D)]

 The Kirklin Clinic 3D Lab

2- TeraRecon Workstations [CT (2D, 3D, Calcium Score, Fly-through, Segmentation Analysis, Time Volume Analysis) and MR (2D, 3D)]

1- GE AW (2D, 3D, CT GSI, MR Spectroscopy, MR Perfusion, MR DTI, Dual Energy/GSI)

1- Philips EBW (CT)

1- Medtronic Stealth Viz (MR DTI)

1- Mac with OsiriX and IBNeuro plug-in (MR Perfusion)

1- TeraRecon Thin Client which is accessible on Radiology PC's

 Brain Lab (TKC Basement)

1- Invivo DynaSuite (MR Perfusion and DTI)

1- Medtronic StealthViz (MR DTI)

1- Mac with OsiriX and IBNeuro plug-in (MR Perfusion)

North Pavilion

2- Philips Brilliance Power 64-channel CT Scanners with

    Cardiac Comprehensive Analysis Package

1- Philips Brilliance Power 16-channel CT Scanner with CT Fluoroscopy

4- 3D Reconstruction Workstations located throughout Radiology

     2- in CT scan areas with Perfusion Post Processing and one with EP Planning

     2- in Radiology Reading Rooms

1- GSI Dual Energy Workstation

University ER

2- 40 Slice Philips Brillance Power CT Scanners

The Kirklin Clinic

2- GE HD 750 (64 slice dual energy) CT Scanner

1- Phillips Brilliance 40 CT Scanner

UAB Highlands

1- Philips Brillance 16 slice CT Scanner

North Pavilion

5 Dedicated Angiography Suites within the Heart & Vascular Center:

3- State-of-the-art Philips Allura Xper FD20 Systems

2- Philips Allura Xper FD10/20 Flat Panel Biplane Systems

US - North Pavilion

1- Philips HD-15 US Machine

2- SonoSite S-Cath US Machines

  • The angiography machines are state of the art machines that have a biplane capabilities, 3D capabilities, and CT imaging capabilities, which allow us to provide a wide range of sophisticated and complex procedure for our patients yet with excellent outcomes.
  • The Angiography suites are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic hemodynamic patient monitoring and documentation systems
  • Patient tracking visible on large plasma screens at 4 nurse's stations and in procedure areas.
  • Patient prep & recovery areas consist of reception and waiting area with 22 private rooms for outpatients
  • 26 stretcher bays for inpatients

North Pavilion

1- Philips Ingenia 1.5T

1- Philips Ingenia 3T

The Kirklin Clinic

1- GE Echospeed 1.5T

1- GE Twinspeed 1.5T

1- Philips Achieva 1.5T

1- Philips Achieva 3.0T

1- Philips Ingenia 1.5T Omega

UAB Highlands

1- Siemens Symphony 1.5T

Quarterback Towers

3- Philips Forte - Dual Head Cameras

1- Philips Skylight - Dual Head Camera

1- Philips/Adac - Argus - Single Head Camera

1- Digirad-Ergo - Portable Camera

1- Picker - 3000XP- Triple Head Camera

WTI Basement

2- GE DISCOVERY  PET/CT  710 ( 64/128 Slice )

Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics - UAB Highlands 

1- Philips ADAC Camera

North Pavilion

4- iU22 Philips Systems

1- Siemens Sequoia Systems

1- BK Medical System for OR

The Kirklin Clinic

4- Philips iU22 Systems

2- GE Logiq 9

1- Zonare (Shared with Rheumatology)

The Kirklin Clinic Mammography

2- GE Logic 9 US Systems

1- GE Logic E9 US System

UAB Women & Infants Center

1- GE Full field digital mammography unit for screening mammograms

UAB Highlands

2- Philips iU22 Systems

North Pavilion

2- Philips Digital Diagnost- Digital Radiography Rooms

2- Philips Easy Diagnost Eleva- R/F Rooms

1- Philips Digital Diagnost- Digital Chest Radiography Room

University ER

1- Quantum Q-Rad SmartRad - Digital Radiography Room

1- GE Discovery XR656-Dual Energy - Digital Radiography Room

The Kirklin Clinic

3- Philips R/F Eleva Rooms

1- Trex Rad/Tomo

2- GE Definium (Chest/Room 3)

2- GE Definium XRD 656 (Room 2/Room 4)

The Kirklin Clinic - Mammography

2- Senographe DS Digital Machines

2- Senographe Essential Digital Machines

1- Fischer Stereo Biopsy Table

UAB Highlands

1- Philips R/F Eleva Room

2- GE Advantx Systems

1- GE DR

2- Carestream Digital Portable Machines

2- GE AMX4 Portable Machines