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Program Description

We recently implemented a mentorship program to promote career development of junior faculty. Our program is required of all current and future junior faculty. Our program compliments the Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) Committee and departmental Annual Faculty Review. Each junior faculty member has 2 mentors – his/her section chief or other section mentor (Tier 1 mentor) and a self-selected Tier 2 mentor focusing specifically on the mentee’s area of interest. Focused areas of interest include Research, Education, Business/IT, and Quality. Mentees should ideally retain their mentors until promotion. Junior faculty are required to meet with mentors a minimum of 6 times a year although monthly meetings are suggested (minimum 3 times with Section Chief and 3 times with Tier 2 mentor).


The Department of Radiology Mentorship Program is designed to create a positive academic environment for faculty, ensure maximum career development and professional satisfaction, and enhance communication in our department.

Goal and Vision

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate successful career development through participation in research, teaching, and leadership. We aim for successful promotion of all faculty from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor in 5 years.

Faculty Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (APT)

APT Committee
Chair: Mark E. Lockhart, MD, MPH
Members: Janis P. O’Malley, MD, Satinder Singh, MD; Ahmed M. Kamel Abdel Aal, MD, MSc, PhD, Andrew D. Smith, MD, PhD, and Georg Deutsch, PhD
Coordinator: Debbie Desmond

APT Documents/Promotion Criteria

UAB Faculty APT Guidelines (password protected)
Please contact Debbie Desmond for Teaching, Research, and Service Portfolios examples