UAB Spinal Cord Injury Model System

Pushin' On Newsletter (Archive)

Pushin’ On is an eNewsletter published to provide persons with SCI and their families with information of interest.  The newsletter is offered 2 times per year and sent electronically to subscribers to the UAB-SCIMS Email List, and it is posted online for our follows on facebook and twitter.

Pushin’ On PDF archive for the last 10 years:
Volume 32(1), 2014

  • Headline news
  • Questions and answers on research for a cure
  • "Handy" tech items for manual wheelchair users

Volume 31(2), 2013

  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Exercise
Volume 31(1), 2013


  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Nutrition

Volume 30, 2012*

  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Understanding Obesity

Volume 29, 2011*

  • Caring for a Loved One (Part 1I)
  • Factors predicting depression among persons with spinal cord injury 1 to 5 years post injury.
  • Life satisfaction in people with spinal cord injury during the first five years after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation

Volume 28, 2010*

  • Caring for a Loved One (Part 1)
  • Bladder Management after Spinal Cord Injury in the United States 1972 to 2005
  • Bladder cancer in spinal cord injury patients

Volume 27(2), 2009

  • How to Do Daily Pressure Reliefs
  • Management of neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: now and in the future
  • Pain after Spinal Cord Injury: A Review of Classification, Treatment Approaches, and Treatment Assessment

Volume 27(1), 2009

  • Basics of Selecting a Wheelchair
  • Evaluating knowledge of autonomic dysreflexia among individuals with spinal cord injury and their families
  • Measuring depression in persons with spinal cord injury: a systematic review

Volume 26(2), 2008

  • Does my body have both good and bad bacteria?
  • Vardenafi l improves ejaculation success rates and self-confidence n men with erectile dysfunction due to spinal cord injury.
  • Protection and repair of the injured spinal cord: a review of completed, ongoing, and planned clinical trials for acute spinal cord injury

Volume 26(1), 2008

  • Is it a Heart Attack?
  • Hypothermia for Spinal Cord Injury
  • Emerging Drugs for Spinal Cord Injury

Volume 25(2), 2007

  • Innovations for Daily Living
  • Benefiting from PT and OT Services Beyond Initial Rehabilitation
  • Use of Neurologic Examination to Predict Awareness and Control of Lower Urinary Tract Function Post Spinal Cord Injury
  • Pressure Sore Stage Update

Volume 25(1), 2007

  • Smoke? Stop!
  • 5 Keys to Quitting Smoking
  • Effects of Nicotine on Pain following Spinal Cord Injury

Volume 24(2), 2006
Volume 24(1), 2006
Volume 23(2), 2005
Volume 23(1), 2005

*Year with only one issue published
^eNewsletter only.