OH&S Employee Health

The OH&S Employee Health Program is designed to focus on anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling potential health and safety hazards and environmental factors that may affect the health, comfort, or productivity of the entire research campus community.

The program accomplishes these goals through risk assessment, risk management, risk education, and preventive medicine (health maintenance). Medical surveillance is a critical component of effective occupational health programs and involves the evaluation of health risks associated with an individual's exposure to animals and hazardous agents.

The initial evaluation establishes a baseline of an employee's health and potential exposure risks and health status. Subsequent biennial periodic reviews and updates are then performed to assess an employee's changing risks. In many cases, an initial evaluation and risk assessment is all that is necessary until an update is required. For some employees, however, a clinical examination and vaccination(s) may be required as well.

If you are a UAB Hospital Employee, please contact UAB Employee Health at 934-3675.