ONE Card required for door access

Door access cards printed prior to the launch of the ONE Card in February 2013 are in the process of being disabled. The ONE Card is now required for all door access on campus and at UAB Hospital.  If you have a door access card issued by UAB Physical Security that is not a ONE Card or if you have a CampusCard* that you use for door access, now is the time to convert to the ONE Card.

*Note: Only CampusCards that are used for door access need to be upgraded to the ONE Card.  CampusCards used for BlazerBucks, Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, and Print payments only do not need to be upgraded as they will not be disabled.


UAB and UAB Medicine's student, faculty, and staff ID badge is the ONE Card--a multifunctional, highly secure, single photo ID card.

If you are a new student, employee, or visitor and need to obtain your ONE Card please follow the below instructions:

New students most often obtain their ONE Cards during Orientation.  Please check with your Orientation coordinator if you have questions about when you should get your ONE Card.

New employees should check with their hiring department about when and how they should go about obtaining their ONE Cards. 

For many visitors, a ONE Card is not necessary.  However, if you will be visiting with a department or unit and need official identification, door access, parking access, or other services provided by the ONE Card, please consult with the office with which you will be visiting about how to obtain your ONE Card.

The ONE Card can be used to access a variety of services including door access, parking access, meal plans, BlazerBucks, and more.  Look below to see all of the functions your ONE Card can perform.

Photo1 Physical1 Parking1 Library1
REC1 Meal1 Blazer1 Time1


Explore this site for information on the UAB ONE Card and check back frequently for important updates.