Division of Radiation Physics

The Division of Radiation Physics in the UAB Department of Radiation Oncology plays a vital role in achieving our established missions. Our highly regarded staff of six Ph.D. Medical Physicists and one Masters trained Medical Physicist, provide quality-of-care support for all of our clinical services, perform research designed to enhance cancer care via the use of radiation physics, and serve the educational needs of the field through our physics teaching program.

This program has a long history of innovation and in taking research into clinical practice, ranging from important work in the field of hyperthermia in the 1970ís to testing and implementation of RapidArc™ in 2008. The department is a recognized leader in preparing medical students in the science of radiation physics, and has even had the nationís leading board score on the physics section of the exam. Our medical students consistently rate near the top on board scores among all radiation oncology programs.