• A need for a new policy

    Natasha Mehra - Contributor

    Student smoking beside a "no smoking" signStudent smoking beside a "no smoking" sign (Photo by Sarah Adkins)They say smoking kills. In pursuit of a healthier campuses, many colleges and universities have banned smoking.

    According to the Crimson White, the University of Alabama has banned smoking, effective this year. Auburn University has had a campus-wide ban since August of 2013. Troy University, Tuskegee University, Faulkner University, and several community colleges have 100 percent smoke-free policies as well.
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  • Student Spotlight: Anjali Wagle

    Shelby K. Smith - Contributor

    Anjali Wagle RGBUSGA president Anjali Wagle (Photo courtesy of Anjali Wagle).Many UAB students have some sort of complaint about the school. Whether it be about the food, the cost of tuition/textbooks, or the more recent concerns about UAB’s lack of communication, there are many things that can always be improved upon.
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  • Student Spotlight: Stephanie Lockhart

    Brandon Varner - Features Editor

    Stephanie Lockhart studentStephanie Lockhart showing off her camera skills (Photo by Brandon Varner).I was working on a story in my journal, when a young lady got my attention, asked me if I’d like to have pictures taken, and then took me to a construction site in downtown Birmingham.

    After an hour or so of shooting, I had a new profile picture and a great friend. That was the very first time I met Stephanie Lockhart.
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  • January: Stalking Awareness Month

    Neha Patel - Staff Writer

    Stalker Note on car windshieldStalker note on a car windshield (Photo by Sarah Adkins).For most students, stalking is a general term used when looking up someone on Facebook or the word to describe Edward Cullen watching Bella Swan as she slept in "Twilight."
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