• Birdman takes a crap on your windshield

    Emmett Christolear - Managing Editor

    BirdmanRiggan (Michael Keaton) fights with Mike (Ed Norton) (Photo courtesy of“Birdman” won at the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. Because of its success, it has returned to movie theaters for a second wind. The premise of the movie is simple: Riggan (Michael Keaton) is an actor best known for his role as Birdman. Today, he has adapted a novel into a stage-play and is directing and acting in it. The film follows Riggan and the group of actors he is working with during the previews of the play.
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  • Dress for Success for Less

    Haley Townsend - Editor in Chief

    caseyPhoto by Sarah AdkinsSpring is nearly here and with spring comes endless applications and interviews for summer internships and post-grad jobs for those of us luck (or unlucky) enough to be graduating. Image is not everything, but professional attire is a must at an interview. However, it can be hard to afford a full suit on a student budget.
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  • Healthy Recipe Corner: Quiche

    Shelby Morris - Staff Writer

    QUICHE RGBPhoto by Shelby MorrisStruggling to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet? This tasty treat is a great morning pick me up and can be frozen, so it can last all week, if need be.

    Cooking time
    : 35 min.
    Serves: 2 pies, 12 servings

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  • Alex's Coffee Column: Blazer Beans

    Alex Merril - Social Media Editor

    Pourover RGBThe Clever Coffee Dripper is an inexpensive pourover device (Photo by Sarah Adkins).You do not need fancy, expensive equipment to enjoy excellent coffee—in fact, everything you need is dorm room approved.

    First, you will need a way to heat water. I prefer to use an electric kettle. Electric kettles can be found at Target for as little as $15. If you have a larger budget or want to be able to heat more water at a time, you could also get an electric hot water dispenser for around $50.
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