• January: Stalking Awareness Month

    Neha Patel - Staff Writer

    Stalker Note on car windshieldStalker note on a car windshield (Photo by Sarah Adkins).For most students, stalking is a general term used when looking up someone on Facebook or the word to describe Edward Cullen watching Bella Swan as she slept in "Twilight."
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  • Birmingham to host World Games

    Casey Marley - News Editor

    comic of the World GamesComic of the World Games (Cartoon by Thomas Baldin)Birmingham wins coveted World Games bid, beating out Lima, Peru and Ufa, Russia according to the International World Games Association

    On Thursday, Jan. 22, Birmingham went abuzz over the news that the city will host the international sporting event. The city's residents, businesses and organizations took to Twitter and other social media platforms, expressing their excitement for the World Games.
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  • Snowpocalypse 2.0?

    Tamara Imam - Staff Writer
    Mark Linn - Staff Writer

    Students enjoying last year sudden snow (Samantha Greenhalgh)Students enjoying last year sudden snowfall (Photo by Samantha Greenhalgh)As the end of January approaches, many are reminded of last year's Winter Storm Leon. The storm, dubbed the "snowpocalypse" by some and "snowmaggedon" by others, brought several inches of snow and ice and prompted a three-day interruption of classes and campus operations. The halt of traffic on major highways in the southeast, including Birmingham's Highway 280, was likened to a scene out of "The Walking Dead."
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  • Shining the light on Equal Access Birmingham

    Sarah Adkins - Photography Editor

    Equal Access BirminghamEqual Access Birmingham (Photo courtesy of EAB clinic and Devanshu Kaushik)It is usually hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the tunnel is ten years or more of post-secondary education. It was not so hard for a team of UAB medical students who decided to turn on the proverbial lights where they were.
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