• DJ Swole's Summer Madness 6 Predictions: Part 2

    Summer MadnessDJ Swole - BlazeRadio DJ

    Not too long ago, I wrote down a few predictions that I had for Summer Madness 6 on Ultimate Rap League. I gave three battles that I believe will be set up on the card this year, with predictions on who would win the battles. If you missed the piece, you can check it out here. Now, here are the last three battles that I believe will be on SM6, and these are the battles that will be the main events. The last three battles were good, but these are the matchup that will draw people in to watch the biggest event on the world’s biggest battling stage.

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  • What are undergraduates researching this summer?

    IMG 0905Oladele Osisami presented his and his colleague's award-winning research on the correlation between depression and pain in patients with a serious illness. Photo by Sarah FaulknerMark Linn - Copy Editor

    On July 21 UAB held its annual Summer Expo, showcasing research and service learning projects that are being undertaken by UAB undergraduates and other students from across the country participating in summer research programs.
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  • Southern vegan: Sweet Sriracha tofu

    TofuThe tofu cooking after being seasoned. Photo by Baili BighamBaili Bigham - Head Entertainment Columnist

    Wanting to try something new to eat but easy to prepare? This sweet sriracha tofu will give your inner vegetarian a chance to shine and a way to impress your guests with a new dish. With prep time included, you can have this meal warm and ready in as little as 20 minutes. Fair warning: this meal is as spicy as it is delicious.

    For this recipe you will need:

    1 block extra firm tofu (I prefer Trader Joe’s brand, both cheap and organic)
    2 tablespoon soy sauce
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    ¼ cup Sriracha hot chili sauce
    ¼ cup brown sugar
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  • A case for campus carry: a student’s perspective on safety

    Concealed CarryUAB students, professors and facilities -- anyone could be carrying a weapon if concealed carry is allowed on campus. Illustration by Sarah FaulknerGunter Wisdom - Contributor

    Disclaimer: The views expressed by any opinions piece published online or in print by the Kaleidoscope do not represent the views of the Kaleidoscope's staff or the Kaleidoscope as an organization.

    Just imagine this, no matter how unlikely it seems. You’re on the third floor of the library doing something innocuous or mundane — let’s say that you’re cramming for an exam or thumbing through the pages of your textbook when you hear a loud and distinct popping sound, something that sounds like firecrackers. Your desire to maintain a sense of normalcy grapples with your feeling that something just isn’t right. You try to rationalize that the noise must be some type of work that’s being done downstairs, probably a maintenance man repairing something. It’s only when you hear the screams of your fellow students that you realize that you’re involved in an active shooter situation.

    Everyone has been exposed to the events that have recently occurred in the last two years: a group of terrorists massacred concert-goers in France, a husband and wife team gunned down their coworkers in an event deemed “workplace violence” and, more recently, a lone gunman opened fire on innocent people in an Orlando nightclub. The standard issue government protocol dictates that victims should run, hide and then, as a last resort, fight. I must admit to you that I sneer when I read “fight.” Fight? Fight with what? My fists? In a life or death situation I’m supposed to bulrush my attacker with nothing but my fists or some blunt object near me? Let’s be honest with ourselves: it’s irrational. It’s a suicide mission. Which, I guess brings me to my reason for writing this: I want to be on a level playing field with my attacker; I want to be able to carry my pistol while on campus.
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