• 'Wayward Pines': A Kscope preview

    Taylor Dougherty – Staff Writer

    Wayward Pines RGBA personal recommendation to add Wayward Pines to your summer series list (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).Going in to “Wayward Pines,” the only thing I knew about the show was that the promotions relied heavily on Matt Dillon’s eyes and that Terrance Howard slightly scares me (anyone who’s seen “Empire” will know why. He plays wack-a-doodle crazy very well).
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  • Visual rhetoric: an interacive final

    Alex Merrill - Social Media Editor

    Visual Rhetoric RGB posterMembers of the visual rheoric course (EH 456) will host a public event, in lieu of a final, designed to give better insight into the study of visual rhetoric specifically, as well as an understanding of the professional writing program as a whole.

    The course is intended to challenge sudents in the professional writing concentration of the English department to consider the use and effects of images in everyday life. The idea is to equip students with an understanding of how images speak and the different messages that images send, so that they can more effectively, communicate complex ideas and meaning trough well-designed images.
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  • City Fashion: August Getty Atelier

    Rhonda Reeves - Staff Writer

    Fashion Tease RGBBirmingham Fashion Week is about to hit the streets with some big names like August AtelierBirmingham Fashion Week is approaching. From May 7-9, the city will become a southern capital of fashion, with many designers showcasing their wares. These designersare clamoring to be as successful as August Getty Atelier.

    Getty is one of the youngest designers to ever display a collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. At the age of 20, Getty has received the attention of celebrities like Perez Hilton and Kristin Cavallari.
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  • UAB Athletics will add men’s cross country team for fall 2015

    Mustafa Syed - Staff Writer

    Cross Country RGB colorMen's Cross Country added to UAB sports in fall 2015 (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).Beginning fall 2015, UAB Athletics will add a men’s cross country team in order to keep its NCAA Division I status. UAB needed to add at least one additional men’s sport for the 2015-2016 academic year, according to NCAA Division I by-laws.

    “To give more young men an opportunity to run at the NCAA [Division I] level is really exciting and I am looking forward to getting it going,” said Coach Kurt Thomas, the current women’s cross country head coach and now future men’s cross country head coach.
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