Hands-on science programs need teacher leaders who have used grade level modules in the classroom and who have the expertise to conduct workshops that present module content to other teachers. These teacher leaders are able to communicate and model best practices to other teachers. The Intern program helps to develop such leaders.

Intern teacher leader candidates must already have attended a module workshop and have used that module in the classroom. By attending another such workshop under the leadership of another teacher leader, the intern is afforded the opportunity to observe the workshop from a workshop leader's viewpoint without the pressure of having to actually teach. She/he will get a chance to revisit the module content, the management of materials, and the structure of a science module workshop.

Being an intern does not mean that the intern must have to turn around and teach a workshop any time soon after (or ever, if she/he does not want to).  Interning just means that one is interested in exploring the possibility of being a workshop leader at some future date.  Other leadership opportunities can be provided later on if the candidate decides to become a workshop leader.


Compensation for Interns

Compensation and classroom leave should be decided by the school system and the teacher.


Intern Duties


The intern should:

• communicate with ALAHASP staff (phone or email) for a pre-workshop "briefing" about expectations
• arrive at least 30 minutes before the workshop to meet with the consultant and help with last-minute set-up
• be available during the workshop to hand out materials, gather materials, and set-up for each lesson
perhaps work with small groups during the workshop
perhaps offer appropriate suggestions if the workshop leader asks for them
• stay briefly after the workshop to help gather materials,
• attend a short de-briefing session to assess the intern experience.