Harbinger Sunrise
A mesmerizing symphony of pastel reds and blues entranced Palmer Station and many a camera the other morning. The shifting color palette not only soothed and appeased our gray-weary community; the lively color medley energized us as well. This was the undeniable dawn of a new day and in retrospect for me a harbinger of the coda – shifting, waiting in the wings….


If you consult Wikipedia (I would not recommend it as a scientific source though) you will read that “a transect is a path along which one counts and records occurrences of the species of study (e.g. plants)”.

MCurtis 2018 Naturalist resized

Naturalist = Student of natural history (the scientific study of observations of plants and animals).
Antarctica = The earth’s southernmost continent. Also, one of the most remote and pristine habitats dominated by natural flora and fauna and virtually untouched by humans.

JBM at ATL Wx Channel

The UAB Antarctica team members, faculty, research associate, and graduate students, are all on the lookout to amplify the impact of our educational outreach program, or in the parlance of the National Science Foundation, ‘broaden our impacts.’ This may be accomplished in myriad ways.


Sea stars are probably not the first animal you think of when you think about Antarctica. But, they are some of the most abundant animals in the shallow waters surrounding Palmer Station.