Charities Supported by UAB Benevolent Fund FAQs


  • What types of charities/agencies/non-profits does the Benevolent Fund support?

    While there are many worthwhile non-profit organizations in a broad variety of areas, the UAB Benevolent Fund supports health and human services agencies that meet the stringent guidelines for support established by the Benevolent Fund Council.

  • How is the decision made as to which agencies will be funded each year?

    The By-laws of the Benevolent Fund require that all agencies supported be a current 501 (c) (3) organization. Additionally, our by-laws call for Local Health Agencies and the United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) and its partner agencies be funded each year, although no specific amount of support is identified. This is a decision made annually by the Benevolent Fund Council after consultation with agency representatives and the university administration. Local non-profit agencies that are not eligible to receive any designations may apply for funding through the local agency grant process.

  • How can a charitable agency I know receive support from the Benevolent Fund?

    Not every non-profit agency can receive direct employee designations nor is it in the best interest of all agencies to be on the agency designation list. The opportunity to be part of the list of designated agencies is made available very infrequently. The easiest way for agencies to receive funding is through Local Agency Grant funding. Some agencies on the designation list found it difficult to compete with other, sometimes larger and well known, agencies on the designation list and found they were able to receive a higher level of support through the grant process.

  • How do non-profit agencies apply for Local Agency Grant funding from the Benevolent Fund Council?

    Applications are made available on the Benevolent Fund website. The completed application must be received by the grant deadline to be considered for funding. Agencies who receive funding are required to sit out for the next funding cycle to allow for participation by a variety of community agencies. Applications are reviewed by the Agency Review Committee, which subsequently makes recommendations to the full council. To assure good stewardship of your gifts, successful agencies must meet very stringent guidelines and complete a report detailing how grant dollars were used and program results achieved.

  • What is the Employee Emergency Assistance Program?

    The Employee Emergency Assistance Program is a means by which part of the fund's donations are used to assist UAB employees who have experienced emergency situations that require them to seek financial assistance. Financial awards may be made to employees who qualify under the Employee Emergency Assistance guidelines (see bylaws). In emergency situations, the program may help pay grocery bills, rent or mortgage payments, electric or gas bills, doctor bills and the like. Emergencies usually involve a medical emergency that causes leave without pay, fire, tornado or other natural disaster, or similar major crisis.