Become an active member of the BGSA by joining a committee! These committees meet outside of our monthly meetings in order to plan, organize, and manage our special events and programs. Becoming a committee member is a great way for you to not only help the organization but also to gain leadership skills and experience. Below are the descriptions of each committee.  If you would like to become involved in any of these committees, please email the appropriate chairperson.

Community Service and Networking
Members of the Community Service and Networking Committee plan and organize our community service events.  We typically sponsor approximately four community service projects per year.  Past events include:

  • Organizing donations at the Christian Service Mission
  • Helping residents sign up for medical benefits and other services with Project Homeless Connect
  • Preparing personal care kits for veterans

If you have ideas for volunteer projects and would like to become a part of this committee, contact Celine Atkins, Director of Service and Networking,

Fundraising Committee
Members of the Fundraising Committee are responsible for planning and organizing our fundraising events to support our BLUEprint Connect Scholarship Fund. Our Krispy Kreme Donut sale is our most popular fundraising event so far!  If you have other fundraising ideas and would like to serve on the Fundraising Committee, contact Kiara Miller, Financial Secretary,

BLUEprint Connect Mentoring and Scholarship Committee
The BLUEprint Connect Mentoring and Scholarship Committee helps manage our undergraduate mentoring program, BLUEprint Connect.  This includes:

  • Reviewing applications for mentors and mentees
  • Matching mentees with mentors
  • Collecting and reviewing progress reports
  • Reviewing Scholarship applications and selecting scholarship recipients.
  • Planning and organizing the “Kickoff” event and the end of the year event.

If you are interested in serving on the BLUEprint Connect Mentoring and Scholarship Committee, contact Jerome Moulden II, Director of Mentoring,

Minority Achievement Gala Committee
Members of the Minority Achievement Gala Committee help plan and organize our annual gala that occurs each spring.  This includes event-planning activities such as:

  • Deciding the theme of the event
  • Choosing a venue
  • Choosing a Keynote speaker
  • Hiring caterers
  • Deciding on the entertainment

If you are interested in serving on the Minority Achievement Gala Committee or serving as the Chair of this committee, please contact, Jaleesa Garth, Vice-President,