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Students, faculty, staff and alumni from across the University of Alabama at Birmingham converged to develop a creed, or statement of belief, for our community. In reflection upon what it means to be a Blazer, the tenets of honor and integrity, diversity, innovation, service and scholarship rose to the top.

This is the Blazer Way.

UAB Student wearing graduation garb during May 2011 commencement
UAB student flashing the "Blaze handsign" while holding a sign stating "Off Campus Student Council"
aCcc Nurse 2010
RS7663 Female Teacher In Class
RS7265 Male Art Student Painting 2009

At UAB, we take pride having a culture of service to each other and to our community. Walking out these principles together unites us, and serves as a bridge that stretches from the hospital to the university to the administration to our alumni. We are a UAB community.

This is the Blazer Way.

RS12392 Watts Students
RS18616 UAB Vs ALAM 83
RS6602 Student Riding Bicycle Spring 2010
RS13931 Football Pep Rally On Green 2rt
RS21832 MSCenterLab

All year long, campus partners will lock arms to celebrate the Blazer Way through programs events and initiatives. This site will be a living, breathing celebration of those efforts. With pride, we will show our surrounding community, and the world, that to be a Blazer means to be intentional about everything that we do.