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Want to be a doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, ecologist, genetic counselor, or a professor? Do you want to cure cancer, Ebola, or Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe you want to help endangered species, discover new viruses, work in a biotech company, be a science journalist, design eco-friendly gardens, or save the environment from the consequences of climate change. UAB’s Biology Department is the place for you.
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“My UAB undergraduate major in Biology was my key to getting into medical school."

Greg Flippo, MD UAB Biology, Class of ’82

Latest News

  • Dragonflies in the dark: An award-winning mentor shares her steps to success
    What’s the secret to mentoring undergraduates in STEM? Biology Associate Professor Sami Raut, Ph.D., who has mentored nearly 40 students and recently earned a national award from the Council on Undergraduate Research, offers six tips.
  • Couples who dream together, stay together: Bangladeshi couple graduates with their Ph.D.s
    This UAB couple traveled seven seas to live their dream of getting quality higher education in the United States and are graduating together with their doctoral degrees this summer. 
  • Biology advisor to receive competitive national award
    Victoria Jones Howard, academic advisor for biology majors up to 74 hours, has been selected as the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Outstanding New Advisor – Primary Role.