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What do you do with a degree in Biology? Almost anything you put your mind to.

You can be a doctor, dentist, optometrist, or pharmacist. You can do field research in exotic locales, such as tracking down the carriers of exotic new viruses or discovering new species. You can go into healthcare or environmental management and conservation. Become a science educator, join a biotech firm, do forensic science, write legislation, work for an environmental NGO, or become a pharmaceutical tycoon or a science journalist. One of our recent grads makes environmental films.

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Our broad-based courses can prepare you for nearly any of these careers.

Our undergraduate students may take a specific cluster of courses that align with one of our tracksMarine Science, or Molecular Biology. This personalized and targeted approach allows our students to tailor their degree to their own interests and develop a specialization within the field of biology.

If you are looking for a minor to pair with a different major, we offer a General Biology minor and an interdisciplinary Environmental Science minor.

You can also work toward a teaching certificate through our partnership with UABTeach.

Honors Program

The Department of Biology Honors Program provides an opportunity for motivated undergraduate students with excellent academic records to develop research skills in preparation for graduate school and professional careers.

In this program, you will actively participate in biological research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. You will present the results of your investigations at the annual Biology Honors Research Day. You are also encouraged to present your research findings at scientific meetings. As does any program that provides a meaningful and rewarding learning experience, the Biology Honors Program requires a significant commitment of time and effort.

In addition to the educational and career benefits you'll gain by participating in the Biology Honors Program, you will be honored at the annual Biology Honors Research Day and will graduate "With Honors in Biology."

Eligibility and Requirements of the program can be found in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.


Feel free to contact Dr. Mickie Powell, Director of Biology Undergraduate Recruitment & Retention, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more. You can also visit the Undergraduate Student Catalog for more information.



5th Year Master's Program

5th Year Master's Program



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