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I am currently pursuing my research passion at UAB in the Department of Biology. I’m trying to stay up-to-date on emerging trends in plant science and various novel techniques to scan plants in depth. Hailing from India, agriculture is the backbone of my country. My inclination towards plants is deep rooted in my blood. More than just being a researcher, understanding plant growth really motivates me to rise and shine every day of my life. Plants are wonderful creations, and understanding the diverse architecture interests me greatly. Above all, they have problems, and they respond against the odds. My questions are simple, but since plants cannot communicate with me, I am using available techniques to bring out the best communication possible. The rest of the years that I spend on this research will focus on making the communication stronger. Eventually, I hope it will be useful for mankind.

Before joining UAB, I was doing research in biofuels which helped me in getting a close encounter with the microbial community. More diverse, more complex, and highly complicated community, but exploring microbes can be challenging and I had the opportunity to get insight into how they function. The microbial research is making my plant communications easier. My research journey started with coconuts and understanding the tissue culture techniques was the first professional research experience. I have my masters in Genomic Science. Yes, those words sounded exciting to me and that was the reason I started my master's program, but gradually I started to speak ATGC and that is where my communication starts. My first communication was with the gut microbiome in children with autism and those powerful letters gave me a lot of information. My communication with other organisms is what keeps me rolling, and as I grow older, I am becoming sharper in receiving each signal. Plants, microbes, and humans are my areas of interest, though I’m currently more focused in plant microbe communications. Eventually things will turn and my dreams about the three-way communication will be made possible. Every step at UAB is focused on achieving my goals.

Faculty Advisor: Shahid Mukhtar


  • 2021 PhD Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Plant molecular biotechnology biochemistry and pathology
  • 2015 M.S. Genomic Science, Central University of Kerala, “Culture Independent Screening of Prospective Microorganisms Implicated in Autistic Enterocolitis”
  • 2013 B.S Botany and Biotechnology, Sree Narayana College of Technology Vadakkevila, Kollam. “Molecular Identification and in vitro Antifungal Activity of Trichodermaharzianum against Plant Pathogens.”


  • Project Assistant III, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Trivandrum- May 2018- Jan 2021
  • Project Assistant, ICAR- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasaragod- April 2016