The research you conduct during your first semesters serves as the basis for a written Ph.D. dissertation. When the research project is considered complete by you and your research mentor, you will prepare an outline of the dissertation. Once the outline is approved by your graduate research committee, you will write the dissertation. Please review the dissertation writing information (including style and format requirements) on the UAB Graduate School website.

Once completed, your dissertation will be reviewed by your research mentor and then forwarded to the graduate research committee, the Graduate Program Director, and the Dean of the Graduate School for collective comments. These comments serve as the basis for dissertation revision. The dissertation should be completed while you are in residence (enrolled).


dissertation defense

You must defend your dissertation research during a formal seminar, open to the public, coordinated by your graduate research mentor and in the presence of the graduate research committee. This defense must occur at least 30 days prior to the date of graduation. All faculty and graduate students will be invited to attend this seminar.

Following the seminar you will participate in a closed meeting with the graduate research committee. The committee will examine you on your dissertation research. Upon successful completion of the defense, the student will be recommended for the doctoral degree to the Graduate School Dean by the graduate research committee and the graduate program director.