Entering graduate students are advised by the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Education Committee. You will be required to obtain a signature of the Graduate Program Director to register for graduate classes until a graduate research mentor is chosen. Once you choose a graduate research mentor, that mentor (in collaboration with your graduate research committee) provides academic advisement and signs registration forms.

Faculty Mentor

First year graduate students are required to enroll in CH 790: Introduction to Graduate Research during the Fall semester. In this class you will be introduced to the graduate research faculty and their research interests, and meet with prospective research mentors to discuss your interest in the prospective mentor’s laboratory. If you are uncertain of your research direction, the Graduate Program Director will aid in establishing rotations in laboratories doing research within the student’s areas of interest.

Once you and a graduate research faculty member agree upon a research project, you will be officially assigned to your mentor’s laboratory. The process of selecting the graduate research mentor must be completed by the end of the student’s first year.