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Do you have what it takes to join the Chemistry Scholars (ChemScholars) Program? Are you looking for greater access to faculty mentorship and research options? We are looking for qualified high school students who have the potential to achieve distinction in the field and in their future careers. Past ChemScholars have enjoyed a successful undergraduate life at UAB and have moved on to prestigious medical schools and graduate schools.

  • Qualifications

    Incoming freshmen that meet the following requirements are eligible to apply to the program.

    • declare chemistry or cancer biology as your major
    • have a desire to serve as a peer teacher
    • have a 3.5 or greater high school GPA
    • have a composite ACT score of 26 or greater (or SAT equivalent)

    If you meet these standards, you are invited to apply! Interviews will be set up on a rolling bases after applications have been reviewed in the spring. Interviews will be set up on a rolling basis after applications are completed and decisions are generally made mid- to late-March.

  • Benefits

    As a ChemScholar, you will:

    • participate in the undergraduate teaching program as peer teachers starting your freshman year
    • work closely with chemistry faculty and graduate students who serve as teaching mentors
    • receive individual training that is applicable to any “next step” on your career path
    • have the opportunity to do undergraduate research alongside faculty members, both in the department and on the medical side of campus
    • become part of a learning community of chemistry majors

    Peer teaching is at the core of the ChemScholars program. First year ChemScholars shadow an experienced peer teacher in a teaching laboratory. ChemScholars then serve as a peer teachers for either recitation or laboratory sections for the next three years. This hands-on teaching experience gives you an in-depth understanding of chemistry, allows you to develop communication and presentation skills, and trains you to work effectively in groups.

  • Support

    ChemScholars are paid hourly at the current wage. If you are accepted as a ChemScholar, you will be expected to serve approximately five hours a week your first year. For the remaining three years, you will be expected to serve approximately 10 hours a week.

    • maintain a 3.0 GPA in your chemistry courses
    • are a full time student majoring in chemistry or cancer biology
    • adequately perform your teaching duties
    • are in good academic standing at UAB


Further information can be obtained from the UAB Department of Chemistry by calling (205) 934-4747 or contacting Mitzy Erdmann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Incoming Students

If you are interested in being considered for a position as a ChemScholar, please complete the Incoming Student Application. As part of the application, you will need to submit:

  • a cover letter stating your interest in the program and your background in both math and chemistry
  • a current resume (MUST include high school GPA and highest ACT score)
  • a short essay stating how the ChemScholars Program would have a positive impact on your undergraduate educational experience

Your high school chemistry teacher should also complete the Teacher Nomination Form.

Current UAB Students

Chemistry majors in their first or second year at UAB can apply for a position as a ChemScholar by completing the Current Student Application.

Admission to the program will be made based on academic qualifications, essay, level of interest, and fit with current staff.

  • Rose Albert
  • Caleb Rowe
  • Alkobia Biggers
  • Rose Albert

    The Chemistry Scholars Program has been a valuable experience by reinforcing how teaching and mentoring are central obligations of science. I've had the rewarding opportunity to lecture and facilitate learning in classroom and laboratory settings. Through the program, I've also learned from a close-knit community of faculty and student mentors. Chemistry Scholars has enhanced my understanding of the course material and strengthened my desire to pursue a PhD to teach at the university-level.

  • Caleb Rowe

    The community and opportunities afforded to me through the Chemistry Scholars program have facilitated how I learn, communicate, mentor, and receive mentorship at UAB. The program has served as a foundation for the development of my research networks, study groups, mentorships, and research passions. The ability to engage UAB's chemistry students regularly challenges me to reevaluate how I approach problems to become a better researcher and communicator. I came to UAB to study medicine, but the passion I found through the Chemistry Scholars program has inspired me to never stop pursuing chemistry and science!

  • Alkobia Biggers

    The Chemistry Scholars program has been fundamental in the way I’ve learned, understood, and articulated chemistry. The program has given me multiple opportunities to advance through leadership and teaching positions. Being a Chemistry Scholar has improved my scientific literacy and allowed me to play an integral role in fostering a love for science in the next generation of chemists.

  • Rose Albert
  • Caleb Rowe
  • Alkobia Biggers

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