The MA in Communication Management

National surveys of top industries suggest that the single most important trait employers look for in prospective employees is communication skill. The Department of Communication Studies at UAB is dedicated to providing you with broad and deep communication knowledge, coupled with practical skills, so that you can thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Timelapse picture of University Boulevard at night, with streaks of light from cars. Our Master of Arts (MA) degree in Communication Management is specifically targeted at professionals in communication-related fields and students seeking an advanced degree in communication. As a student in our program, you’ll explore practical and theoretical applications in a variety of challenging real-world communication contexts. Our classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends to make them easier to fit into your already-busy schedule.

We also offer coursework and a program of study specifically for students seeking a career as an academic communication scholar. We prepare students for success in top PhD programs by providing top-notch instruction in theory and research by faculty who have taught in top PhD programs, by getting students actively involved research, and by providing supervised teaching experience. A limited number of graduate teaching assistantships are available.

Why UAB?

The Department of Communication Studies is one of the top programs in the country. What makes us a top program? Our faculty. The majority of our graduate faculty have records that equal or far surpass those of faculty within most PhD programs. When you become a Master’s student in our program at UAB, you immediately have a unique and profoundly transformative opportunity: the chance to work directly with, and learn from, several of the top communication researchers in the world. And you'll be in an environment that encourages close collaboration, and in which you receive the focal attention of the faculty.

Whether your goal is to return to the work force with an advanced degree or move onward and upward to a PhD program; whether you are an international or domestic student; our graduate program will help optimize your potential for future success.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact the Graduate Director with any question you may have regarding our program.Save