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Why Should I Major in Communication Studies?

why major in communicationChoosing a major is arguably the most important decision you will make during your collegiate career. Why should you major in communication studies? Because majoring in communication studies will provide you with knowledge and skills that are essential for success in the real world.

In a recent national survey of corporate recruiters, 86 percent identified “effective communication” as the most important professional skill they were looking for in prospective employees. Think about it: different jobs require you to do very different tasks. But what do they all have in common? Communication. This is why communication consistently is identified as one of the top skills employers seek in job candidates, regardless of industry. Your communication knowledge and skills will set you apart from others in the competitive marketplace. Whether it’s managing a sales unit, coordinating medical personnel during an emergency, pitching a proposal to potential clients, creating an online public relations campaign, or negotiating an agreement with vendors, the professional world of today is created through communication. Your ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people will make all the difference in whether you successfully achieve your career goals. So why not develop your communication skills with us, learning from some of the top scholars in the field of communication?

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Our Programs

In our department you will find a wide variety of options, whether you're interested in majoring in communication, adding a communication minor to your program of study, or even just taking a few classes. Consider exploring:

  • the Communication Management concentration — designed for students interested in the general principles of communication, from interpersonal relationships to the theory and practice of public dialogue. Learn how to manage communication and interpersonal relationships more effectively across a variety of contexts, including health, organizational, and intercultural.
  • the Mass Communication concentration — designed for students interested in specializing in broadcasting, journalism, or public relations.
  • the Sports Communication Concentration — prepares students for careers in the fastest growing area within the field of communication.
  • the Communication Management minor — created for students who already have a major, but want to develop their communication knowledge and skills to enhance their career options.
  • the Mass Communication minor — a minor that can be paired with many careers, designed for students interested in the general principles of broadcasting, journalism, and public relations.
  • accelerated learning opportunities — the Department of Communications Studies offers a Communications Management Master's (ABM) option for high-achieving students. All communication management courses may be used toward the major in communication studies with a concentration in communications management through the ABM, excluding CM 618, CM 675, CM 698, and CM 699.


We invite you to explore the site to learn who we are. Check out our courses, get to know our faculty and our discipline. Ask Us Questions! Take a class with us and learn how communication skills can launch your career.





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